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Attractions on Koh Samui

Beaches (Hat in Thai)

Chaweng Beach

Chaweng BeachChaweng BeachThe longest, most popular and developed beach on the east coast of Ko Samui, this 7 kilometer beach has clean white sand and sparkling water.

In addition to numerous accommodations, this charming beach is packed with restaurants, spas, souvenir shops, bars and discos catering to all the needs of visitors. In addition, there are a number of dive shops on the beach, some of which also organize night dives.

Na Thon Bay

This is the island's major settlement on the west coast offering a wide selection of souvenirs and handicrafts, silks and jewelry. In addition to being the shopping center of the island Na Thon Bay also provides visitors with the necessary facilities -- a post office, banks, a police station, telephone services, and a hospital. Moreover, this is where express and night ferries from the piers in Surat Thani dock.

Taling Ngam Beach

Located to the South of Na Thon Bay is supposedly the most beautiful and quite beach on the western coast of Ko Samui. It is the place that most visitors come to appreciate the beauty of the sunset.

Phang Ka Bay

Situated near Taling Ngam Beach is the bay that is not suitable for swimming but offers an incomparably stunning view of the sunset.

Thong Krut Bay

Located to the South of the island next to Taling Ngam Beach, this bay offers golden opportunities for fishing. Boat services to Ko Taen are also provided from here.Big BuddhaLamai Beach

Lamai Beach

Lamai beach is Koh Samui's second largest beach, and some says that it is having the most beautiful beach in Koh Samui. The sea water caters for excellent swimming and the beach is studded with graceful granite boulders, which are often enjoyed as fishing perches by local fishermen.
Nightlife in Lamai Beach is a bit more laid back than in Chaweng Beach even though there are a couple of areas with beer bars and the Buahaus pub has a good dance floor and ample screens for watching current sports events. There are several good restaurants in Lamai town, but don't overlook Pizza Hat, on the main road near Lamai Beach which has been satisfying cheese cravings for over a decade.

Choeng Mon Beach

Located 4 kilometers to the north of Chaweng Beach is a charming, clean and peaceful beach which is ideal for deep relaxation.

Bo Phut Beach

Next to Big Buddha Beach is the beach that has been able to maintain its serenity and ambience as a traditional fishing village. Major activities for visitors include water skiing and sailing.

Mae Nam Beach

This 5 kilometer white beach, one of the most popular spots for holiday-makers, is located next to Bo Phut Beach. Aside from numerous bungalows and restaurants, the beach is also the location of dive shops and other water sports facilities.

Bang Rak Beach (Big Buddha Beach)

Bangrak BeachNa Mueang WaterfallThis beach, which is locally known as the Big Buddha Beach, is where the 12 meter high Golden Buddha, a spectacular landmark of the island, is situated. A number of bungalows with basic amenities are available. As the beach is relatively quite, it is suitable for visitors seeking seclusion.

Bang Po Beach

This beach is an ideal spot for snorkeling to the crystal clear underwater world of colorful coral reefs.
Namtok (Waterfalls)

Hin Lat Waterfall

Located at the end of Route 4172, 3 kilometers south of Na Thon Bay, the waterfall is encircled by palms, ferns and creeping plants. Hin Lat Waterfall also provides a few natural pools for bathing. An enjoyable 2-kilometer walk to the top allows visitors to get a panoramic view of the waterfall.

Na Mueang 1 Waterfall

Located approximately 11 kilometers to the south of Na Thon Bay is the medium-sized waterfall that flows from a steep cliff, approximately 40 meters high and 20 meters wide.

Activities such as elephant back riding are provided by nearby tour agents.

Na Mueang 2 Waterfall

Located just 100 meters from Na Mueang 1, the waterfall is similar in size and beauty as its sister. The place is an ideal spot for trekking and elephant back riding, as it is surrounded by dense forest.

Temples (Wat)

Wat Pradoem

Located approximately 12 kilometers on Route 4169 or 1 kilometer from Na Mueang Waterfall is a monastery built at the end of Ayutthaya Era. The temple is believed to be the first temple on Ko Samui. At present, it is where an ancient wooden scripture hall used in storing Buddhist scriptures is located.

Wat Samret

This relatively old temple houses a marble Buddha image brought from Burma and many other old Buddha images.

Wat Phra Yai or Temple of the Big Buddha

Established in 1972, the temple houses a 12-meter high Golden Buddha, which has recently become a spectacular landmark of Ko Samui. The monastery has become a meditation center for both local residents and foreigners.

Other attractions

Hin Ta - Hin Yai

Hin Ta - Hin YaiHin Ta - Hin YaiStrangely shaped rocks south of Lamai Beach are locally dubbed Hin Ta – Hin Yai. According to legend, an old couple were shipwrecked in the bay and died and their bodies washed ashore creating the rocks.

Ban Lamai Cultural Hall

Serving as a folk museum, the Hall houses many local ancient objects. Interesting objects on display include earthenware, household utensils, hunting weapons and equipment used in coconut planting.

Samui Aquarium

Located at Laem Set Bay, the Aquarium features a wide variety of tropical fish and marine fauna.

The Statue Garden

The Garden features a number of Buddhist and Hindu statues recently made by Khun Nim, a local sculptor. Located near the highest point of Samui Island, the place can be reached by taking the track opposite Wat Khunaram.

Na Tian Butterfly Garden

Located at the bottom of the hill to the south of the island, the Garden offers a unique opportunity to observe numerous species of butterflies on the island. Other interesting features are the beautifully decorated garden, the bee house, a Thai style house which allows visitors to observe the activities of bees. The insect museum, in which rare insects from Thailand and other countries are displayed, is also worth visiting.

The Eight-Headed Coconut Tree

This is a rare and exotic coconut species. To see it for yourself, follow the sign posts on the No. 4169 southbound ring road to Na Thon Bay.

Source: Information by Tourism Authority of Thailand

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